Monday, October 24, 2011

The counter to the previous post

Ok, so it doesn't sound like i'm whining the whole time on here I wanted to add a plus list.  This place has been a great experience for a lot of reasons.  here are a few:

  • Money, Money, Money.......... MONEY!!!!!  Yes I get a pretty amazing pay check.  At the end of this year I will be debt free, own a bunch of new and cool stuff and actually have a savings.  This is the first point in my adult life I don't count the days to payday because i'm broke.  Its the primary reason we are all here and for those who have something to say, they are always hiring.
  • Becoming more of professional:  Lets face it, college is in no way the real world.  As a matter of fact I think the way people now live from 18 - 24 is very far from being an adult.  I never really had to deal with office politics like this, where my decisions have real consequences and I need to keep tabs on things.  I have extra responsibilities and I have people I have to report to.  I don't know if I have a career coming out of this, only time will tell.  However I feel more like a working adult than I ever have before.
  • Travel!!!!!!  Lets face it, I enjoy using the quote "not all who wander are lost." for a reason.  This year I will get to see 6 countries and a handful of new cities.  I might get to see United at home, Dublin for St. Patties and Sweden.  I'm never done the serious relationship thing, I've never settled down, but travel has always been my thing.  So this year is going to give me something I have always wanted.
  • A better understanding of what is going on in this part of the world.  It's funny to think back now at all the conversations in class about how we as a country were effecting a country.  How we as a nation are hated.  Some people are ASSHOLESSS!!! And hated for a very good reasons, but I don't thing the rage is quite at the level most people think it is.  Especially since we poor money into these countries like nobody's business.
  • Absents makes the heart grow fonder.  I think I will learn more about myself this year than I have in a long time.
  • I've lost 20lbs in 10 weeks and I can see it continuing.  It would be nice to return to my high school weight.  I was getting kinda sick of looking fluffy.
So there you go, not all bad. :)

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