Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I miss (no real order)

  • Good Mexican, Cajun, Italian, and pretty much every other type of food you can find in the states. I've dropped about 20 pounds since I've been here and I don't think its just a lack of alcohol or having to walk everywhere.
  • Fast internet.  Yeah, Yeah, I get that i'm in a war zone.  But shit, I'm having flashbacks to dial up days.
  • My family:  I was lucky to have a truly amazing family.  I'm very close with both of my siblings as well as my folks.  I miss talking to them everyday, and being able to vent.  I miss having a beer with my brother at odd hours and the conversations about everything and nothing at all.
  • Having a toilet and shower in the same building I sleep in.  What a pain in the ass, to have to considered if i really need to go THAT bad.  Anytime taking a pee involves putting shoes on its already to much work.
  • Not living near a flight line.
  • Not having to plan a run to the store, because it involves two buses and half a day.
  • I miss not having to smell LN's and OCN's.  If you are familiar with the title, then you know what I mean.
  • Having anything in my life other than Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, workout, sleep.  Being in this place feels like you feel off the edge of the world.  Thank god for social networks, DSN lines and email because I don't know how I would handle this without.  As much as I have traveled I have found that i'm very attached to my life and world in Texas.
  • I miss having my own room.  I can honestly say I would be ok with a roommate, but god I need my own space.
  • Conversations that don't involve missing home, missing food, missing pretty much everything I'm listing. Most people either talk about how shitty work is or how much they miss _________.
  • Lazy Sundays.
  • Living with a dog, it was nice and I plan to buy one upon my return.

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