Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of the HUGE, MASSIVE, ENORMOUS perks of contracting is Rest and Relaxation.   So where do I go?  I’ve got have a grand total of a month off and I’m thinking I will follow the recommended pattern of using 2 weeks after every 4 months.  I really could go anywhere, but at this point I’m looking at 1 of 3 options.
1)      I could follow through with my original plan and find some sunny beach south of the Equator.  Spend 10 days at some dream resort having drinks, getting tan and generally just relaxing myself out of existence.  This is very appealing for the obvious reasons and it isn’t such a bad plan.  However, after doing a little research it’s tough to pick where exactly I would go.  I have looked at the Maldives, Fiji and Australia.  All are very beautiful, exotic and I’m sure would make for a wonderful week.  However, I’m think it will be money better spent on the second trip to England and Ireland.
2)      If the schedule works out I might be able to meet my Dad in Germany for a few days and then maybe head to Sweden for a few days.  While I have been to Germany, I have never been with money.  That alone would be a nice change of pace and open up a few more things to do.  Sweden is also been on my list of places to see and visit.  I have a friend in Stockholm so it’s not like I would have to discover the city alone.  Plus it would be nice to see a couple familiar faces without giving up the 35% pay bump I get from being overseas.
3)      It might be cool to meet with Jimmy if he does go somewhere exotic in December.  Not sure about his plans or thoughts so this is by far and away the least thought out plan.  Again it would be great to hang out with someone, especially my brother.   Plus Brazil seems to be at the top of his list of plans so that could prove to be an amazing trip.  Guess we will just have to wait and see on this one.
The trip I’m going on in the spring is already loosely planned out, which is nice.  I’m headed to Manchester to live out a sports dream and go watch United play at Old Trafford.  This alone is going to be worth the long days and unique situation I find myself in.  But to go with the amazing experience of the game, I’m also going to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.  OUT OF CONTROL!  I had a blast in Ireland the last time I went and it will be awesome to spend that day in the mother of all St. Patty’s day drinking towns.  To top the whole thing off my buddy Robbie is gonna make the trip across the pond and join me.  So it will make for a great couple of weeks.

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