Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who are ya?!

For those of you that follow the true football is a great site to get some non licensed T-shirts.  My favorite by far is a United shirt that says “MUFC not arrogant, just better.”   That leads me into the point of this little blurb.  Sports teams, who do you, cheer for? Who do you follow?  I love sports.  Love to watch; love to play them; and I LOVE to talk about them, but having said that I don’t really have a “team” for every sport.  First and foremost I am a Manchester United Fan to the core.  Outside of Futbol I cheer for the Texans, UNT, and started following the Rangers while I was attending college in Denton. 
MANCHESTER UNITED- There is only one UNITED and that is the truth for me.  I know a lot of soccer fans that will follow a team for each league and I can understand that.  But if they are not Manchester United or the US national team….. Can’t both teams lose?  I'm not really sure how I ended up cheering for United, its just always been that way.  I remember running home the final day of 8th grade to catch the last couple of minutes for the '99 Champions league final.  I got to watch both goals live and will always remember that game.  Of course nothing beats seeing them play live.  I was lucky enough to catch them in LA in 03 and I'm planning a trip with my friend Robbie to the Theater of Dreams next spring to scratch off one of the top to do things on my sports bucket list.
U.S. National Team- America Fuck Yeah!  Pretty much how I feel about international sports in general.  If there is a sport going on that the U.S. is involved in i'm cheering for them.  I grew up a military brat and one of the benifits of that is a strong sense of national pride.  While my primary focus of this is the our soccer team, I will dawn the Red, White and blue for any sport.
HOUSTON TEXANS- I enjoy the logo and the fact that they are a team from Texas not named the Dallas Cowboys.  I was a fan of the cowboys as a kid, but that has faded with the emergence of Jerry “the GM” Jones.  I am a player’s guy, in that I don’t care who the owner is.  The less I know the better, so if I can give a short speech on you it’s because I DON’T LIKE YOU!  Plus let’s face it, the NFL is about the only league you have to have a team to cheer for.  The fact that so far all i've told you is I hate the cowboys should tell you how deep my loyality lies.  Having said that i'm trying to become a better fan.  We'll see how it goes.
University of North Texas-  I am a fan of the University of North Texas because they have all of my money.  Well at least they will after this year is over.  I really enjoyed my time there and I will always be happy I went.  Plus this is the only team I can point to and say “SEE I’m not a fence rider!” Hopefully a new stadium and a new coach will breathe some life into those lungs up in Denton.
 Its been a great start for all the above mention teams and hopefully this is a sign of things to come.


  1. I am in on all the teams, especially the USA, but sorry I am still a Cowboys fan.

  2. LOL your becoming one of the few people I know that will admit that mom.