Thursday, August 18, 2011

What did you call me?!

One of the more interesting developments so far in my job is the working relationship I have developed with my office's TCN’s or OCN’s. If you are a current/former contractor or are familiar with the term Third Country National (TCN), but have no idea what an OCN is let me enlighten you.  I guess recently someone felt that it was offensive to refer to someone as being from the third world.  So the term Other Country National or OCN was developed in its place.  After all we need to remember that we are to conduct ourselves in a politically correct manner at all times.  Discovering this and teaching my father the new term got me thinking about the “Greatest Generation.” How our military's conduct is perceived by people past and present.  I wonder how the WW2 war effort  would have been received by today’s media and PC culture.  I mean today we have to make sure we respect every part of the culture of not only the host nation, but the enemy combatants as well.  Let’s skip over the much longer conversations about the accepted and encouraged treatment of the enemy and local nationals of the country each soldier happen to be fighting in.  Because let’s face it, people would think we sent monsters to secure freedom if they really understood the SOP for getting information out of people in prior conflicts. Things like treatment and abuse of POW while on the move and in our possession has become a big focal point.  We also have made it a big issue to prevent offensive terms and names from being used.  I just don't find it fair that this generation has to be mindful of everyone's feelings, yet they are somehow less than the their counter parts that coined the term "Kraut".  I just find it funny that people can so lovingly address former generation of soldiers as being greater than this one, but they didn’t have the hoops to jump through that today’s soldier must face. Now, I am in no way saying they are any less heroic for their past accomplishments.  They truly made the world a better place.  I guess I am just tired of older generations talking down to the current one, because no matter the accomplishment it is somehow pale in comparison to theirs.  Whether we are talking about previous wars, the good old days, or the 72 dolphins people seem to jump at every chance they get to say “nope, it was tougher when I did it!” I think we can all agree each generation faces issues that are unique to them and will never be replicated.  That’s a good sign though, because we are evolving as a people and hopefully moving toward a better life. *sigh* Hopefully.

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